The States, Day 1 of 2008

Wow! Day 1 is officially over for this year's visit to the United States. I wouldn't really count yesterday as Day 1 because I arrived at 10PM. Gah, the flight seemed shorter than usual. Maybe the planes are getting faster. I guess I was lucky for my seating number in the plane. Right in front of me was the comfort room. Seriously, it was right in front of me. Well, that meant that I had nothing to push me back since no one's in front of me to recline their seats in front of my face. So that's cool. Plus, I had so much leg space. I guess I was just bothered by the amount of people lining up to use the comfort room. It was *also disturbing* because I KNEW how long everyone took in the comfort room. Sometimes, I could hear the flushing. Good thing I didn't hear the nasty shit sounds!

The person I sat next to was this girl with glasses. I have nothing to post about her. She's so... normal, I guess. She laughed during the funny moments in the movie, and she sleeps without sound. Since the seats are grouped together in threes, I would be sitting at the left part of the group so I guess I only have one real seatmate. The other person in our group was this business man. What can I say... he farted when he was sleeping. I think it shocked me and the girl with glasses which led to us displaying our facial expressions of disgust.

When the time came for me to come out of the plane, they grouped together all the young people who traveled alone. There were five of us. When I stayed back because my step-mom's also a flight attendant, they didn't hear my reason. This prompted this American who said he didn't know much Tagalog to yell:


...which is in the form of accented faux-Tagalog which in Tagalog translates to:

"Ikaw! Ikaw! Bilis! Dalian mo! Dali ka!

He couldn't pull off the pronunciations correctly and I would've said the words dumb, fucking, white trash, wannabe, bitch, and ass in the same sentence if I wasn't such a nice guy. [/lie] Ah, all is well now I guess. I got here safely and I finally got to see my Naruto Shadow Box, a wooden shelf thing that's filled with 27 volumes of Naruto, the ninja manga. XD

Now, during my real first day, there were a lot of things that happened. First, as we were on the road, on the way back to our house, there was this "black momma" who didn't have her signal light things in the back on when it was needed to be on. And by black momma, I don't mean old, fat, and black. I mean thin, young, black, and even has a cap/beret on her head. Anyway, her lack of signaling prompted Billy, my step-dad to use his dreaded mic in his "Little Dixie", the term which he uses to refer to his car.

Wait, aren't those things *illegal* or something? I guess it's just good that he didn't get arrested because when I asked him, he just replied with "They sell it in stores, must be legal. Know what's illegal? Marijuana--they don't sell 'em in stores.", which I just laughed at. Anyway, when he grabbed his microphone, I knew it was going to be trouble. Remember, all this was happening while we were in his car and we were moving on the road. He said:

"Now, drive safely now and put your signals on when switching lanes."

This made *everyone* on the road to put their signal light things on. They probably thought that there was a cop nearby. I swear I saw the black momma do the "OH SHI-" expression. She probably did a facepalm in her car too. I thought everything was fine because no one knew who the supposed "cop" was. Then, he spoke on the mic again and said something like "Have a nice day, folks!" and he used his modified honk that seriously sounds like an ice cream truck jingle. This led to black momma finding out who it was and she flipped us the bird. Yes, she bad-signed us. It would be wrong if I wrote that she fucked us anyway. XD

Another interesting thing that happened would be when we were loading the car and we were next to this black family. I guess I was the only one who could hear what they were saying. Every other sentence they said had a profanity in it. Ah, and the way they say their words, I simply love it. It ranged from "Get in the motherfuckin' car NOW!" to a safer "Get with it, foo'.", which I giggled at the moment I heard it.

Other than that, I guess the other things I encountered were just short, weird instances like when I saw this lady sitting on a bench and I thought that a sexual predator wearing flamboyant clothes had his arms around the lady. It turned out that it was Ronald McDonald. It was a weird bench anyway 'cause it had him in the middle with his arms spread out in a relaxing manner. Rape clown.... XD

Phew, this has been a long, long post. I guess this would amuse me when I view it during the latter parts of my life. Let's just hope Blogger doesn't shut down or my blog gets deleted. Ah yes, I just recently found out about someone in my family knowing about my blog. I think it's my uncle, Vincent. He knows Tanya and Denise's names for some reason and I found MSWord files in this computer entitled "x", "xx", "xxx", "xxxx", and so on.... When I checked them out, they turned out to be my damned blog entries. So whoever you are, you know that this isn't meant for you. SO GTFO! XDDDD


This is a Farewell Thing, Right?

So...I just got back from a two-day sleepover with Inez, a classmate of mine, and Denise, my supposed "neighbor".She actually isn't my neighbor but she's just living on the other street though... and by street, I don't mean that she's a beggar "taong grasa" type. I actually avoided sleepovers but I guess I gotta make the most out of my stay in the Philippines!

So yeah, we ended up playing a cool board game called "The Game of Life" during our actual stay in her house aside from just plain talking. We only stayed in the house for sleeping and eating breakfast though. During the day, we went to ATC, for a supposed "Section Farewell Thing". Yeah, not everyone came... well, I don't think half of the class came! Wait, I think there was half... ah forget it! XD We simply watched a movie and that was it! We planned to swim though but the old person in the pool area didn't allow us because it was night time already. I guess I won't count the latter part as part of the "Section Farewell Thing" because I ended up leaving with Denise and Inez and leaving the others without saying my goodbyes. Curse not having a cellphone!

Well, what did I do afterwards? I spent some time eating a corndog in Smokey's along with Denise, Inez, and two of my classmates. I remember not being in a right state of mind during that time. I just forgot why I was acting pissed. Maybe it was the corndog. XD

After that, we went back to Denise's place. What did we do? Yes... we played "The Game of Life", just as planned. I guess the two were really amused with the game. The previous time we played, I made a bet thing to make things a lot more interesting. It involved money so I wouldn't go into detail but I wouldn't forget that I won but I didn't accept the prize. After all, I just made it to make the game seem competitive.

So during this second round of ours, I felt the need to make things interesting, yet again. Since I would be leaving for the United States tomorrow, I couldn't just bet money again. They probably wouldn't think competitively because I just recently refused their money for the game I won earlier. What possibly could make the game seem interesting? Well, Inez just thought of the best idea! We simply put our *clothes* on the line for the night. Damn, I'm making this seem too weird! Clothes in an overnight involving two girls and a guy? *cough* Bad impression to make since... well, I'll just mention it in my other post.

Where was I? Ah yes, the clothes thing. Well, as we expected, the one we voted for "Most Likely to Lose" before starting the game indeed lost. It was Inez. I think the pictures we took definitely expressed our feelings after the game ended. I became the second placer because of a $5,000 difference between my money and Inez's and yes, $5000 is the lowest amount in the game. Of course, the clothes bet turned out to be just a game motivator for us. Why would we really bet our clothes? Deep inside of us, we probably knew it wasn't going to happen! XD

Damn, this post was told in an entirely different emotion or "typing style" compared to what I usually use. When I type my blog posts, I'm usually in my "right state of mind"--bored, timid-feeling, and having the thought of being forced to write so I have something to look at when I'm old. After writing this, I realized that I was typing with such excitement and agility. I wonder what I'm excited for? XD Well, I hope I just have a safe flight tomorrow. Let there be no grumpy old people seatmates during my flight!


Invading T. Sylvia's Nakpil

"I can feel you from the other side! // Wet and wild shower scene"

Mmm, summer is so boring. I think this is the first time I've really spent a few days of summer in our house. Usually, I leave for the US a few days after our last day of classes or I go to another part of the Philippines like Davao or Cebu for a week and leave for the US after a few more days. Yes, I'm going to be staying home until March 30. I used to think about how nice it would be to spend my summer here but it sure is extremely boring. It's really hot here in the Philippines during summer and I have nothing to do! So what did I do until today since a week has passed after our last day of classes? Well, the other section was planning to go swimming with their class-directress since she won't be teaching next year anymore so I tagged along.

At first, I was hesitant to go because it was sort of an exclusive thing. Only members of their section would go even though T. Sylvia, their class-directress, allowed me to go. I originally planned to go only if another person came with me that's from a different section. I kept chatting with Bing about whether we should go or not. It took a long time before we decided that we would both go. Well, decision was interrupted by his mother when she didn't allow him to go. I kept forcing him to talk to his mom to allow him and since it's going to be his last time on our school as well, I really thought that it would be best for him to go. After all the talking, he still ended up going somewhere to get some sort of blood sample.

There, I had nothing to do anymore. Just before I was about to continue my sleep (hey, this all was happening after I woke up), I got a call from my so-called neighbor who's also going. She forced me to go with them and well, I couldn't refuse because it's just so boring in the house.

Boy, it was so awkward there. Everyone there was from a different section. I was the only different one. Thank God that I've been classmates with a few of them before and that T. Sylvia kept keeping me company. It wasn't that bad, I guess. We dove for coins underwater--the usual pool game and we did the thing where you carry someone over your shoulders. I think they called it the chicken fight? I don't know, really. If it's really called that way, I wonder why since I don't find anything chicken-ish about that game. XD

After all that, we went to the host's house and I got some free pizza. Well, it was one slice but it was your larger than usual pizza slice. Okay, it was double the size but I don't care... it was free! XD I forgot what we did after that. I think we talked about what we think of the other teachers and T. Sylvia since she wanted to know and how she feels that it's okay for her to know since she's not a teacher anymore.

Oh yeah, I let a lot of the other people there listen to the remix of the infamous Question and Answer portion of the Bb. Pilipinas pageant when it was the winner, Ms. Janina San Miguel's turn. It's so hilarious with all the wrong grammar things and her weird laugh.

Many thanks to Aegwyn for introducing me to the funny as hell video. :D



Stolen from Tanya which she stole from Ato?!

[One]From whom was your last text?
Damn, I don't have a cellphone!

[Two] Where was your primary picture
taken at?
Yahoo Messenger primary picture taken at Bluroze.

[Three] What's your middle initial?

[Four] Your current relationship

[Five] Does your crush(es) like you
No~ XD

[Six] What is your current mood?
Amused because of an interesting one-on-one chat I had with Tanya.

[Seven] What's your moms name?
Shirley! XD

[Eight] What is the color of the shirt
you are wearing?
White >_>

[Nine] What was the last thing you

[Ten] If you could go back in time and
change something, would you?
If I could, then I would, of course.

[Eleven] Have a crazy side?
Of course--I have many sides. XD

[Twelve] Favorite song?
OHSHI- I don't really have a favorite song. XD

[Thirteen] Something you do a lot?

[Fourteen] Angry at anyone?
Not at the moment

[Fifteen] Do you wanna see somebody
right now?
Somebody? I wanna a lot of bodie--er... I wanna see my friends!

[Sixteen] Name someone with the same
birthday as you?
Namie Amuro-- the only person of significant fame that I know who happens to have the same birthday as me. She was known as the "Empress of J-Pop" according to Wiki. XD

[Seventeen] When was the last time you
Hmm... last last month -_-

[Eighteen] Who would you do anything
Anything? There's no one I would do anything s/he asks me for. As long as I don't want to do a certain thing, I won't do it.

[Nineteen] Who is your idol?
Idol? I don't have any idol in particular. XD

[Twenty] What's the first thing you
notice about the opposite sex?
Face, of course.

[Twenty-one] What are the 3 things that
make you like the opposite sex?
A little unusual--weird if you look at it one way, Open-mindedness, Gamer girl >:D

[Twenty-two] What's your biggest
If I exposed it, would it be a secret? XD Hmm... I never told anyone whom I like at any particular moment except that one time... *shrug*

[Twenty-three] Where is your ex now?
I don't have an ex. XD

[Twenty-four] Favorite movie?
Damn it! I don't have the habit of making these kinds of things my favorite. As long as I watch it one time, I wouldn't want to watch the whole thing again... probably.

[Twenty-five] Do you still watch kiddy
movies or tv shows?
Kiddy movies or TV shows? The nearest show to being a kiddy show that I still watch is probably The Fairly Oddparents and they're even known to appeal to older audiences! XD

[Twenty-six] What are you eating or
drinking at the moment?

[Twenty-seven] Do you speak any other
English and Filipino, baby! XD

[Twenty-eight] Whats your favorite
Smell? Damn! XD As long as they're pleasant to my nose, then it's fine with me 'cause I don't have a favorite~ >_<

[Twenty-nine] Describe your life in
one word.

[Thirty] Are you a morning person?
I despise waking up early for school.

[Thirty-one] Do you like the rain?
Not really

[Thirty-two] What are you thinking
about right now?
Right now? I have the song, The Potion, by Ludacris in my head. Damn you Step Up 2! XD

[Thirty-three] What should you be
I should be sleeping right about now but I want to continue blogging in my head.

[Thirty-four] Beside you every night?
Unfortunately, I have my grandmother here because of "electricity-saving". No offense but I've been waiting 4 years to get her out of my room. I need my alone time! XD

[Thirty-five] Can't do without it in
the ridge.
I think you mean fridge? Well, I wouldn't live without FOOD in my fridge! XD

[Thirty-six] Do you like working in
the yard?
I don't like manual labor. Who does?

[Thirty-seven] Heart or Brains?
Both, of course. But if I had to choose for MYSELF, I'll choose brains. =/ For others? I'll let them have the heart. I'll teach them if I have to. XD

[Thirty-eight] Do you act differently
around the person you like?
Not really. It's better for you to act who you are if you want a special someone to like you. If they don't like you for who you are, don't waste your time! XD

[Thirty-nine] What is your natural
hair color?

[Forty] Who was the last person to
make you smile?
Last person to make me smile would be Tanya. She's my favorite person to have friendly debates with and no matter what happens, we'll just laugh about it afterwards.


Okay, I was just tempted to answer one of these things. Many thanks to Tanya who even wanted to answer a separate Best Friend Survey thing using me so I could answer it using her. LOL I just answered the non-best friend one so it'll be less awkward. :P


Bluroze... Blue Rose?

Yesterday, we've been to a "picnic" farewell thing planned by our school. I guess that we could've done more things in other places but the things we did here were pretty unusual. Hey, you can't find hanging rope obstacle courses in ATC and you'll never find rope-swinging teachers and tight, leafy mazes in your classmates' homes--unless they live in Bluroze Farms, that is.

This trip's probably the first time I got to sit at the back row of the bus since I actually rode the tricycle, for once, on the way to school in a field trip day. You might say that the bus part of the trip's the most enjoyable part or the better part of the trip. Well, that's half-true for us, I guess. When the bus was off to Bluroze, we thought that the juniors, that means us, would get to solo the bus but the freshmen entered after a while of waiting. I guess that's one of the reasons why we didn't get to act out our usual crazy antics and scream out our immoral sentiments.

From screaming out the food brought out by the freshmen one by one to just plain screaming--those were probably the loudest of all our activities when we were on the way to Bluroze. From loud though, it got sweaty and tiring when we got to Bluroze. There were a few things I regretted after we packed up...

  • I shouldn't have forgotten to bring along my towel when we climbed that tower thing that made my legs shake for a long period of time even after I got down from it.
  • If ever I brought the towel for the tower, I should've brought another one 'cause right after the tower, we got ourselves into the weird maze. We probably thought that it was one of those small mazes that's easy to get out of but we were very wrong. We were all very tired and dehydrated when we were running around with no sense of direction inside the maze so we just cheated and went back out using the way we used to get in.
  • I also should've brought more liquids for me to consume since one water jug wasn't enough for all those lost liquids.
  • I think I should've crossed the hanging rope course instead of jumping down after two hanging ropes. Ah, if only my legs didn't *violently* shake when I was there. I sure was a large hazard to both myself and the others because I swear that my legs were making the rope for your feet to vibrate fast. After all that, I really should've... oh wait, I really shouldn't have done it.
The bus trip going back to school was next. It was *much* more enjoyable compared to the first bus trip. For the whole duration of the trip, we played "Query" and "Ice Breaker 2 'Hard Questions'" which brought out some interesting and juicy bits of information out. The latter was composed of--yes, you guessed it--Hard Questions! It was full of emotional, scandalous, and weird questions while the former, Query, was filled with more playful types of questions. I guess we caught the attention of the other people in the bus with our loud voices and the fact that we had two teachers playing with us.